This is the only boat yard we ever want to haul out our sailing ship!

“We run our own charter business in the Bahamas and every three years when it is time to haul out we make a 4 to 5 day ocean sail to get to Bock Marine. And when we are finished hauling out we head out to sea for 5 days to get us back to the Bahamas for our charters. So all in all we make a 10 day ocean sail to haul out at Bock Marine. This is our 4th haul out here and we don’t want to go any where else!

“This boat yard offers a high level of professionalism for all your haul out and boating needs. It is family owned and run and while you are here you are treated as part of the family! We were here over Christmas, so Kenny and Nancy Bock took everyone that was in the boat yard, the employees, and their families out to a nice dinner and then Christmas musical. We always live aboard while we haul out. They have nice clean restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, and plenty of electricity and water for each boat in the yard. The boat yard is always clean and organized. As much work as a haul out can be, we always enjoy our time here.

“They also treat their employees with dignity. One of the employees, Randy, just celebrated his 25th year here at Bock. And Dale will celebrate his 25th anniversary next year. Now that is saying something!! The whole crew will work hard for you and help you in any way they can. We love these guys!

“We have lived aboard a sailboat full time for the past 28 years. We write this testimonial to help other boaters. Bock Marine is simply the BEST!

“Thank you to Kenny and Nancy Bock and the whole Bock Marine Crew (including Mamma Kitty – the boat yard cat) for making another haul out a real pleasure. We will see you all again in 3 years! Until then – wishing you all the very BEST!”