This is the combination cruisers look for

This is the combination cruisers look for. A boatyard with professionals who can diagnose and fix anything, but one that will also allow you to do as much of your own work as possible while you are on the hard. We needed our shaft/coupling box adjusted, a new centerboard cable, rudder shaft repair, and a steering quadrant adjustment…The owner, Kenny, oversees and is directly involved in every job. He is honest and doesn’t bs his way around anything He has been doing boatwork for a long time and can quickly determine what steps need to be taken to address problems. His knowledgebank seems unlimited. One of the best things about the operation is the Ship’s Store…they have fasteners, varnishes and paints, hoses and clamps, zincs, thru-hulls, epoxies and glues, solvents, cleaners…basically anything you would find in a West Marine, and at a much lower cost.