At Bock Marine, we believe in giving back to our community. We contribute to local events (The Wooden Boat Show, Pirate Festival, & Music Festival),  The Coastal Pregnancy Care Center, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, The Literacy Council, homeless animal organizations, and individuals in our community who are hurting or in need.

Read on for stories of two of the causes we support and believe in, The Cricket II and the Salvation Army.

Cricket II

The Cricket II has a rich nautical history.  Built in 1946, she is the boat that inspired the book and the movie, Jaws. Author Peter Benchley fished on her off Long Island, caught big sharks, wrote the book, and then sold it to Hollywood for $10,000.  The Cricket II has also been involved in record catches, a rescue at sea, innovations in fishing equipment and the development of the shark cage.

Six years ago, Bock Marine partnered with Capt. Joe DiBella and his newly formed non-profit organization, the Cricket II Project, dedicated to taking veterans fishing for free.  In July, 2014, Capt. Joe (himself a Navy veteran) realized his dream when the fishing vessel, Cricket II, arrived in our yard where she was restored and dedicated to her new mission: enriching the lives of all veterans, including disabled and combat wounded, with free fishing adventures.  We have been helping to maintain her ever since and, in 2019, we built and installed a wheelchair lift, making the vessel even more accessible for our disabled veterans.  We couldn’t be more thankful or proud of our military members and feel blessed to be able to support them in this way.

The Cricket II wheelchair lift, built and installed by Bock Marine

Thank you for making a dream come true!

Dear Bock Marine,

We would like to personally thank you for making a great product for the Cricket II.  We have been ocean fishing for the past 12 years in Florida.  My husband fell ill and became unable to walk.  We started searching around for wheelchair accessible boats and . . . we had the best two days fishing with Capt. Joe.  What he is doing for the veterans and others that are disabled is nothing short of a miracle.

The wheelchair lift was amazing, it did a great job!  My husband is quite the hefty boy and it picked him up and set him in the boat with ease!  Thank you for making a dream come true!    Sending love from Missouri…

Brad & Tammy Mabe

To book a charter (civilians are also welcome!) or donate to the mission, please visit the website,

Salvation Army

The new Salvation Army community center and family store

In 2018, we joined the “Anchor the Army in Carteret County” campaign and pledged to give the Salvation Army $6750.00 over a 5-year period to help fund the purchase of property and the construction of a new community center and family store.  We have always been in awe of their selfless aid to the needy as well as their incredible disaster relief and are proud to be a partner in this worthwhile effort.